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  • When entering South Africa, your passport must be valid for at least one month after your date of return and must have at least two blank pages.
  • Don’t bring a World travel adapter; it works in the whole world but not in South Africa. Most hotels have adapters that you can borrow.
  • Parking on the wrong side of the road will cost you R1000. Never park facing oncoming traffic.
  • Drinking and driving: no one is trying to stop you from having a good time – just be responsible about doing it! Your blood may not have an alcohol content of more than 0.05%. Do not take chances.
  • Currently, the only mandatory vaccine is Yellow Fever for those travellers arriving from a country at risk for yellow fever or in transit for more than 12 hours at an airport in a country at risk for yellow fever.
  • Law prohibits smoking in most public places, including airports
  • Value-added-tax (VAT) is charged on most items. Foreign tourists can have their 15% VAT refunded. VAT is refunded at the point of departure and receipts from purchases must be kept and produced. The VAT refund will only be applicable to the acquisition of goods. The VAT charged on any acquisition of services, such as transport and accommodation, will not qualify for a refund.